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The Plumbing Company You Need!

We are Payless Plumber, a local Rock Hill SC plumbing company that focuses on meeting all your plumbing needs by offering the best and most suitable plumbing solutions at a competitive price!

Our plumbing company prides itself on having a fantastic team of plumbing experts in Charlotte with a lot of years of experience when it comes to plumbing.

Regardless of what kind of plumbing problem you might be needing our services for, we are always up to the challenge, delivering results rather than promises, all while keeping you (and our plumbers) safe by following the latest COVID 19 safety guidelines!

Our Team Of Rock Hill Plumbers

The Plumbing Pros To Fix Your Plumbing Issues!

Our team of local Rock Hill Plumbers has been in the business of quality plumbing repair for years, which makes them the plumbing pros to call!

Our licensed and insured plumbers in Rock Hill know exactly how to assess the situation, how to find the cause of the problem and what plumbing services are recommended in order to meet your plumbing needs.

Regardless of where in South Carolina you might be (be it our service area of Rock Hill SC or anywhere else such as Lancaster SC, etc) or even North Carolina (such as Mint Hill, Charlotte NC, etc), we always make sure that we offer prestigious quality plumbing services for both residential and commercial plumbing.

Our Customer Service Team

We Are Always Ready To Listen To Our Customers!

Our customer service team is always on the line, 24 hours a day, ready and prepared to listen to our customers' feedback and plumbing problems, in order to find the right solution!

We are a precision plumbing company and, as such, we care to communicate with our customers, whether that might be via our email address or our phone number!

Whether it is residential or commercial plumbing, if you're in our strategic location of Rock Hill SC or the surrounding areas (Charlotte NC, Fort Mill, etc), we are the precision plumbing company to contact.

Call us today on our phone number or contact us at our email address so we can give you a quick response in order to fix your residential and commercial plumbing system!

Plumbing Repairs

The Rock Hill Plumbers To Meet Your Plumbing Needs!

Sooner or later, it is inevitable that a home or business' plumbing might need repairs. Our plumbing repair services aim at getting your plumbing working as it should, the first time around!

Whether you need bathtub repairs, shower repairs or anything in between, our local Rock Hill plumbers are the ones to fix it! We also work in other areas like Charlotte and general NC and SC areas.

Contact us today to schedule service or to get free estimates in order to fix your plumbing!

Emergency Services

Whether You Need Us In Rock Hill SC Or The Surrounding areas, We'll Come To The Rescue!

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of day or night. Instead of waiting for the next day (which can aggravate the situation further) to call a plumber in Rock Hill, we highly recommend our customers call us immediately, so we can get down to business right away!

Our emergency services focus on providing the plumbing services you need, regardless of how late or early it might be!

Drain Cleaning Rock Hill SC

Do Your Drains Need Cleaning? We Have A Plumber In Rock Hill To Help You!

Drain cleaning can be a serious business. Drains can get clogged up with debris or other materials and, plumbing experience is required. Even though it might not seem like an emergency service, drains are still incredibly important for a healthy house or business.

Our drain cleaning service makes sure that your Rock Hill SC (or surrounding areas) family home's drain pipes are squeaky clean, working and flowing as intended!

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Water Heater Services To Bring Your Water Heater Back To Life!

What do winters in Rock Hill SC, Fort Mill, Charlotte NC and environs have in common? They can get pretty cold and, there is nothing more heartbreaking than having no hot water on those cold winter mornings.

When hot water starts failing, it is usually due to a damaged or faulty tankless water heater or base water heater, which is why our local Rock Hill SC plumbers offer the full service to fix or replace these systems!

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

Caring For Rock Hill SC, One Garbage Disposal System At A Time!

We at Payless Plumber on (road) Rock Hill SC know just how important it is to properly dispose of garbage and, of course, to have the proper garbage disposal systems working as they should.

Our garbage disposal plumbing services make sure that the customer has their garbage disposal systems working at optimal performance at all times, with no obstacles in the way!

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Fixing Your Sewer Line And Septic Tank For You!

Even though sewer lines are quite resistant, they can still be damaged by corrosion, mechanical damages, misalignment or just by wear and tear!

More often than not, one's sewer line or septic tank might need a maintenance or replacement service. These can deteriorate throughout time, due to either wear and tear or full-on damages.

Even though our strategic location is in Rock Hill SC, we also offer our services in the surrounding areas such as Charlotte NC, etc. No matter where our customer might be, our plumbers always make sure to offer the right service for the specific problem.

Leak Repair & Detection

Don't Let Leaks Weight On Your Wallet!

Water leaks can be one of the most annoying and gradually expensive problems to have in one's plumbing. Not only can they let water slip into several different areas of the house, possibly damaging personal belongings but, they can also severely increase the water bill, which is never fun

Payless Plumber is a local Rock Hill family owned and operated company that knows the importance of saving water so, with our leak repair & detection service, our plumbers use our cutting-edge service tech detection tools in order to find the leak and fix it entirely, making sure that we prevent it from ever happening again!

Faucet Repair & Replacement

We Have A Rock Hill Plumber Always Ready To Act!

When a faucet starts dripping on its own, without anyone touching it, it can be pretty annoying to have that constant water droplet sound coming through your kitchen sink.

Regardless of whether you're in Charlotte NC, Rock Hill SC or anywhere else in the world, there is no denying that faucets don't last forever, which is why they sooner or later need to be fixed or fully replaced.

We at Payless Plumber don't like to make our customers wait too long for this kind of service, which is why we often have the right tools available in our trucks to get it done as soon as you call us!

Water Line Repair & Replacement

When a water line gets damaged, water can start seeping into walls, foundations and anywhere else in one's house, possibly damaging personal belongings, appliances, furniture and much more!

Even though we at Payless Plumber have Rock Hill as our strategic location, we always have a plumber ready to go to any of the surrounding areas, even Charlotte NC or beyond!

Our water line repair & replacement service is aimed at fixing the water line as fast and efficiently as possible, minimizing the probability of damages and similar future situations.

Toilet Repair & Replacement

Whether You're In Rock Hill Or Charlotte, A Perfectly Working Toilet Is Always Important!

When a toilet stops being of service and starts acting up, wobbling around and flushing by itself, it is time to call Payless Plumber, so we can provide you with our toilet replacement & repair service, in order to get your toilet working in perfect condition again!

Give Us A Call!

We at Payless Plumber always aim at providing our customers with the best and most fitting service at a competitive price, regardless of location.

Whether you're in our strategic location of Rock Hill SC or whether you're up north in Charlotte NC, we are focused on fixing your plumbing, no matter how challenging it might be!

In order to provide our services while keeping you and our plumbers safe, we follow the latest COVID 19 safety measures!

Contact us and let's get that plumbing problem solved!

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