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Always Rising To The Challenge!

We at Payless Plumber value our customers as much as we value the work we do.

With countless positive customer reviews under our belt, years of experience from our outstanding team of professional plumbers and customer service dedicated to helping everyone that contact us by answering every question and clearing every doubt, we are the company you can trust with your plumbing problems!

We provide free estimates for our service, whether that is pipe repair, or anything in between!

If you're in the North Carolina area, be it Cornelius NC, Charlotte NC, Mooresville NC or anywhere else in the NC area, we can provide you with an impeccable plumbing experience (24 hours a day) be it repairs, drain cleaning, or anything else, just give us a call and we'll be there!

Our Team Makes North Carolina Shine!

We at Payless Plumber know that a good Cornelius plumbing company needs more than experts on the field!

Our team of professional local Cornelius plumbers are the best at what they do and, we don't say that lightly! Besides our expansive experience in the plumbing service field, we are also incredibly dedicated to finding the root of the problem, so we can fully eradicate it, repair it and prevent it from ever happening again!

Whether you're a homeowner in (or near) Cornelius NC, Charlotte NC, Fort Mill, Mint Hill, or any other location in the NC area, if there are plumbing issues, we can fix them in both residential and commercial buildings.

Cornelius Plumbing Repairs

When Should You Call Us?

As time passes, plumbing can start to deteriorate. Sometimes it's caused by corrosion or, perhaps there are leaks in the pipes, regardless, these are plumbing issues that may not be too apparent at first but, will eventually be noticeable as they go on.

When homeowners notice these issues, they should call a Cornelius plumber professional as soon as possible, so they don't become bigger, more detrimental problems later on!

This is why we offer our plumbing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to meet your plumbing needs, no matter the time of day (or night).

Whether you're having tub issues, sump pump vacuum problems or anything in between, with our plumbing repairs services we can fix it, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing Services 24/7!

Regardless of whether you're a homeowner in Cornelius NC, Charlotte, or in the NC area, a plumbing emergency might happen when you least expect it!

We at Payless Plumber (in Cornelius, NC) know how helpless one can feel when there is no one around to fix the plumbing problem, which is why we offer our emergency service.

By always having a Cornelius plumber ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can assess the emergency and resolve it, regardless of whether it might be residential or commercial plumbing!

Drain Cleaning Services

Maintaining The Plumbing System The Right Way!

Drain cleaning can often be quite a messy and troublesome process, especially for those that don't have previous professional experience in dealing with Cornelius plumbing systems.

Our local plumbers in Cornelius NC, Charlotte, and the wider NC area can get the job done with the utmost expertise!

Our drain cleaning plumbing services make sure that your drains are clean and unclogged, so water goes down properly every time! Call us and we'll have a Cornelius plumber on-site as soon as possible!

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Water Heaters Don't Have To Be A Problem Anymore!

When it's freezing cold outside, nothing feels better than to take a nice warm shower, however, how can that happen when the water heater (or tankless water heater) is not working as intended? Call us and let our water heater services talk for themselves!

Sometimes, water heaters can either stop working properly, becoming irregular or, they can completely break, not letting any hot water come through.

We know how important it is to have hot water, which is why we always thoroughly analyze the water heater before providing the options.

Both base water heaters and tankless water heaters can give and take a lot of comfort for the family so, we always focus to assess the cause of the problem and either fix the water heaters or, provide water heater installation, so those cold winter showers turn into a distant memory!

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

Taking The Hassle Out Of Garbage Disposal!

Disposing of garbage can be incredibly simple, provided the plumbing system is working as intended! When there's damage or blockage in the systems, it can truly be a headache to deal with, which is why we're here to help!

We at Payless Plumber (Cornelius) have an experienced team of plumbers that can deal with any garbage disposal problems, either repairing them or removing and installing new ones, as needed.

If you're in Cornelius NC, Charlotte or in the wider NC area, give us a call so we can provide our prestigious services to meet your plumbing needs.

Sewer Line Repair

No Project Is Too Big For Us!

Corrosion, misalignment and mechanical damage are just some of the reasons why sewer pipes might be malfunctioning. This is a very serious matter because if not treated fast enough, it can actually cause flooding in your family home or property.

Our plumbing experience makes our sewer line repair services one of the best in the market because, we know how to find the problem and how to fix it, preventing further damage later on.

Leak Repair & Detection

From Leaking Pipes To Leaking Water Main, We Can Fix It!

Water Leaks can be an infuriating nightmare for both the customer and their wallet!

We at Payless Plumber (Cornelius) know the importance of finding the problem and fixing it, as fast as possible so, with our cutting-edge leak detection tools, we are able to do just that!

We conduct a thorough search in your plumbing, making sure water is not going anywhere other than it should be and then fixing it, so it doesn't happen again.

We solve plumbing problems in Cornelius and its surroundings because, no challenge is too big for us!

Faucet Repair & Replacement

We Fix Your Faucets So You Get The Most Out Of Your Plumbing Systems.

Nothing can be more infuriatingly annoying than to hear those water drops in the middle of the night, falling out of your faulty faucet into the sink!

Services such as our faucet repair & replacement are inevitable at one point or another so, we often find ourselves with the right tools at all times, to either fix or replace your faucet, depending on its condition.

Water Line Repair & Replacement

Cornelius Plumbers That Know What They're Doing!

We're never satisfied with doing a good job, instead, we must always do a great job, providing our plumbing services and delivering amazing results, rather than promises, especially when it comes to water line repairs!

Sooner or later, a house will need some plumbing maintenance or plumbing repair and, that is incredibly important to avoid water seeping into walls, cracks and other places. This is truly what we excel at.

We know how to care for the plumbing and how to repair water systems, making sure that everything is working as it should at all times. Whether you need the service of a local plumber in Cornelius or any other part of NC, Payless Plumber is there to save the day.

Toilet Repair & Replacement

Providing A Great Service, 24/7 In Cornelius And Environs!

In case your toilet is starting to wobble, flushing by itself or not flushing at all, making you doubt the plumbing itself, then it might be time to give us a call!

Whether you're in Cornelius NC and need plumbers in Cornelius or, whether you're anywhere else in NC, we always carry the plumbing repair parts that can fix or replace the pesky toilet that's been bugging you for days! Just contact us on our phone number and, we'll take care of the service!

We Provide The Best Plumbing Services!

The Best Plumbers In Cornelius And NC!

Regardless of whether your home is in Cornelius NC, or its surroundings, our Cornelius plumbers are always ready to come to the rescue and provide the prestigious service we are known for!

Just contact us on our phone number, give us your zip code and we'll make sure that your plumbing issues are fixed, providing the right service at the right time!

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