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We are Payless Plumber, a plumbing company in Charlotte NC that focuses on delivering the most professional and result-driven plumbing services that will fix your plumbing problem, preventing it from happening in the future.

Plumbing systems tend to need repairs, maintenance or overall replacements from time to time and, with our plumbing experience, our local team of Belmont plumbers is the one to fix them, helping home and business owners all around North Carolina!

Even though our strategic location is in Belmont NC, we also provide our fantastic plumbing services in the wider North Carolina and South Carolina areas, such as Charlotte NC, NC Lake Norman, Mt Holly and many others!

Whether you're having emergency plumbing situations, need your water heaters repaired or gas piping fix, we have the experience to make every plumbing system work like new again!

Our Team Of Expert North Carolina Plumbers

We at Payless Plumber pride ourselves on having one of the best teams of local Belmont NC plumbers around! Our plumbers have years of experience and, by doing an excellent job with each project, our team proves their worth with results, rather than promises.

Whether your home needs some plumbing maintenance or repairs to any other kind of plumbing issues, our Belmont NC plumbers can take care of it!

Our work area is based in Belmont NC, however, we also work all around the NC and SC area such as in Charlotte NC, Mount Holly NC and environs, all at competitive prices!

Our Team Of Customer Service

We at Payless Plumber know the importance of communicating and receiving feedback from our customers, which is why we are always on the line, ready to listen!

Whether you call us on our phone number or email us, we will always respond in a timely manner, giving you all the information you require about our plumbing service and how we can send one of our plumbers your way to fix the problem!

Contact us right away on our phone number or email us at our email address so we can answer your questions, give you free estimates to meet your plumbing needs and get to work as soon as possible!

We at Payless Plumber care about our customers so, reach out to us and let's get that plumbing fixed!

Plumbing Repair Belmont NC

We at Payless Plumber in Belmont NC know how often plumbing can break down, malfunction or need to be replaced entirely, which is why we are always ready to offer our plumbing repairs services, in order to meet your plumbing needs to the best of our abilities!

Some of our plumbing repairs services include:

  • Radiant Heat Source
  • Well Project
  • Sum Vaccum
  • Tub Issues
  • Shower FixingJob
  • Water Softening

We fix the plumbing in both residential and commercial properties so, whether you're a home owner or you have businesses that need their plumbing fixed, if you're in the NC or SC area (Belmont NC, etc) we can fix it!

Emergency Plumber in Belmont North Carolina

We are a Belmont NC service company that recognizes that emergency situations can happen at any point in time, whether that is early in the morning or late in the evening!

Because of how emergencies are so unexpected, we are always ready, 24 hours a day, to make our way to your house or business and provide you with our emergency plumbing services!

Whether your plumbing connection suddenly broke and you need a full service as soon as possible or, whether your water heater broke, if you're in the Belmont NC area or environs, we are always ready to act, no matter the time of day or night!

Drain Cleaning Belmont NC

Our drain service aims at cleaning and unclogging the drain pipes to make them look and work as if they were freshly installed!

Sometimes, drain pipes can get clogged due to excess debris and other materials and, we know how to get them out and clean them, making sure that they are in perfect condition again!

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

When hot water stops running through to the faucets and showerheads around the house, that usually means that the water heater (or tankless water heater) has stopped working and needs to be removed or, needs some repairs!

We know how to repair water heaters (or tankless water heater) or replace them to get your hot water running as it should again!

Our water heater services aim at assessing the water heaters' condition and deciding on whether the hot water isn't running because the water heaters are damaged or because the water heaters are fully broken, needing replacement!

Contact us today so we can get hot water running the way it should again!

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

As the plumbing service company that our customers trust, we know that plumbing services aren't just about dealing with fixing water heaters to run hot water but, also, to deal with the navigation of garbage and how it should flow through the plumbing connection.

Our garbage disposal fixing and replacement service makes sure that our Belmont (and environs) customers' garbage is flowing through the plumbing connection as it should, so it can get properly disposed of.

Sewer Line Fixing & Replacement

The sewer line pipes are an essential part of a Belmont plumbing connection. It conveys wastewaters from your house or business to where it should go.

A clog in the sewer line plumbing can result in flooding, which is why we offer our sewer line fixing and replacement service, so your Belmont property is functioning as it should.

Leak Repair & Detection

When water navigation starts to get a bit confusing in the plumbing connection, with water coming out from where it shouldn't, then that usually means that you have a leak!

A leak in your Belmont property can be quite the heavy weight in the water bill, so, we have cutting edge leak detection tools to find the leak and fix it, whether it's in the plumbing connection or not.

Faucet Fixing & Replacement

When your faucet starts dripping, we are the ones to call!

Our Belmont plumbing experts usually have the right tools in their truck to provide you with the faucet service you need, right away!

Water Line Fixing & Replacement

Water can seep into walls, cracks, foundations and more, possibly damaging your personal belongings!

When you notice that your water pipes are starting to malfunction, reach out to us right away so we can get to fixing it, providing the service we are so praised for!

Toilet Repair & Replacement

After some time, toilest can start to wobble around, flushing by themselves or even not flushing at all and, this is when you need a helping hand to get it back in shape!

No challenge is too big for us so, contact us in order to get your toilet properly fixed!

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When it comes to plumbing, we are the best ones around so, if your Zip Code belongs to the NC or SC area, reach out to us today so we can get down to fixing your plumbing issues!

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