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There won’t be any plumbing installation without water supply lines or water outlet lines. As you probably know, plumbing water lines come in various sizes, shapes and even made of a different material. All these are factors to consider when it comes to plumbing installation.  For example, commercial building is more involved and generally demands more water compared to residential properties. As such, commercial plumbing waterlines usually are more significant to accommodate large water volume flow.

As mentioned, plumbing waterlines do supply freshwater while others help drain water or waste. However, despite this difference, at one point, all plumbing waterlines will require some repair, especially for Charlotte residence.

The Reason, Copper Plumbing Waterlines, Need Repairs?

There is no doubt that copper plumbing water supply pipes are naturally anti-microbial and corrosion-resistant. However, it is wise to note the difference between corrosion-resistant and corrosion-proof. If you live in a city where you receive hard (salty) water, then the chances are that your copper lines have rusted on the inside. That is because mineral-rich water strips off the inner tubes. This generally happens when mineral in the water grazes against the copper pipeline leaving small areas of scratches. After some time, the scratched regions will begin to rust from inside out. After some time, pinhole size holes will start to occur, leading to leakages.

NOTE: even a single pinhole leak can spell disaster both for your plumbing system and property if left unfixed.  Therefore, if you find yourself always scheduling a plumbing waterline repair in Charlotte, then it is time to consider re-piping your lines.

PEX Pipe Is An Affordable Alternative

Today, PEX pipes are alternative options when it comes to water supply lines. That is because they are made from high-density polypropylene plastic. The plastic’s characteristics allow easy installation, high flexibility, and does not corrode. Furthermore, you should never expect to get bursting problems during shallow temperatures than copper lines. As such, they are highly durable, with a life expectancy of more than 50 years.

The only limitation with PEX pipes is that they cannot be installed outside. Here’s why: when exposed to the elements (sunlight, wind, rain, etc.), there is a high risk of them breaking down. Furthermore, if they are not installed properly, they will leak soon. Although PEX pipes cannot rust, they often leach plastic-by-products into the water, making it an unusual taste. Also, rodents like rats can easily chew through the pipes.

How To Identify If Your Plumbing Waterlines Need Repairs?

The good news is that several signs can help a person in Charlotte know if their plumbing system needs repairs. Example reduction of water pressure indicates a leakage in the supply line. Another sign is damp walls, ceiling, sheetrock, and floors, which means a leaking sewer line or a leaky drain. Other symptoms include sinkholes or water pools in the yard.

All these are signs that demand a professional’s attention. A professional is in a better position to diagnose the problem effectively and fix it efficiently. Do not treat your plumbing issues like a DIY project because the chances of making the problem worse are high.  Furthermore, the law in Charlotte requires only professionals to carry out such tasks.

What To Do If You Need Plumbing Waterline Repairs?

The wises move is to call a qualified technician service immediately and have all the problems fixed. At Payless Plumber, we have helped many homeowners and businesses with plumbing problems in Charlotte since 2010. We are known for our quality service and expertise.

Therefore, if you are a resident of Charlotte and have a plumbing issue, contact our licensed technicians immediately. At Payless Plumber, we place our client needs ahead of everything.