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Get Rid Of Sewer And Drain Issues With Sewer & Drain Cleaning From Payless Plumber

Many Charlotte, North Carolina homeowners, put no mind to their drain and sewer until they have issues. This is a risky way to carry about because dismissing plumbing problems often lead to even larger problems requiring expensive repairs.

Hiring a qualified sewer specialist in Charlotte to go regular and preventative maintenance will ensure you do not have to deal with overflowing toilets, clogged drains, or backed-up sewer lines.

Payless Plumbing that is owned and operated in North Carolina ensures that no resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Iredell County has any issues once they hire us. Payless Plumbing services team certified and highly-trained and has years of experience handling drain cleaning and prevent clogged sewer. They also carry out cleaning for outside sewer.

If you have been looking for a 'sewer cleaning services specialist near me' in Charlotte, then give us a call now at 704-910-8395 and schedule a drain cleaning or sewer cleaning at affordable costs.

Main Sewer Drain Cleaning Charlotte NC Special.

Any homeowner dreads having a backed-up sewer because of the array of issues that comes with that. At Payless Plumbing, we have experienced sewer and drain specialists that work on your sewers and drains to ensure they are completely cleared, cleaned, and repaired. If you have a blocked main, these are the expert technicians that you need to work on removing it.

Our plumbing services team's expertise enables us to have an offer for primary sewer drain cleaning services for our residential clients.

We will do the following;

  • Puncture or remove any obstacle that is causing blockage and restore the flow
  • Use specialized equipment(such as video cameras) to inspect your pipes and pinpoint the exact cause of your problem.

If we cannot restore flow to your sewer because of a break in your mainline and determine that you need a full repair or replacement, you pay nothing.

Keep in mind that this offer is only available one time per household and can only be used if the main sewer drain is backed-up.

Call our experienced team at Payless plumbing services if you have queries regarding the above drain clearing offer for Charlotte, North Carolina homes.

What Are The Signs That You Need A Video Camera Sewer Inspection At Your Charlotte NC Home?

You may require a sewer inspection if;

  • Your home is more than ten years old, and you have never had the sewer and drains inspected by a professional
  • You want to avoid nasty surprises when buying an old home.
  • You have notices some issues that could be connected to a blocked sewer. These are issues like clogged drains, clogged toilets, slow drains, or back-ups in the shower/tubs and bathroom/kitchen sink.

If these are problems that you have been having, then it is time to call Payless Plumbing to inspect your

Charlotte North Carolina home. Call us at 704-910-8395 today or contact us online to schedule an inspection.

What To Expect During Video Camera Sewer Inspection in Charlotte?

A video camera is an excellent way to prevent guesswork when dealing with sewers and drains' maintenance. It also prevents the inconveniences of digging up your yard to locate the blockage. During an inspection with a video camera, our technicians use a video cable and run this down the areas where a blockage may be possible.

They primarily check the lines that go to the bathtubs and sinks and any other drains that connect to your main sewer line. Once this has been done, we use the images captured during the video camera inspection to locate any sewer problems. These problems could be clogs, intrusions from overgrown tree roots, misaligned joints, cracks on the lines, and more.

Call Payless Plumbing today at 704-910-8395 or contact us via our webpage to get the best sewer and drain cleaning services in Charlotte, NC 28117.

Sewer And Drain Cleaning Services FAQs

Payless Plumber is a service that always looks forward to helping all our clients with their drain cleaning and clearing needs at any time. Here are some FAQs to help homeowners who have queries on our sewer and drain cleaning and inspection services for residential areas in Charlotte.

How Are The Sewers Cleaned?

We have invested in state of the art equipment and have trained in the most recent techniques to clean your kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilet drains, sink drains, showers and tubs, and the main sewer lines efficiently.

For the more problematic buildups and clogs, we use hydro-jetting and rodding equipment to take them out. If this is not enough to remove the blockage, we can do trenchless sewer line repairs. That means that we do not dig up the lawn.

We do not just presume the job as complete then; we also do a follow-up inspection with the video camera to ascertain that the sewer and drain cleaning was effective. If there are still some obstacles in the drains, we redo the job without having the clients pay extra.

Call us today at 704-910-8395 for a service call and let our experts take care of your drain cleaning Charlotte, North Carolina.

What Difference Is There Between A Drain And A Sewer?

Drains are the part of the water systems that carry wastewater out of the house into the sewage system. They are connected to the tubs, toilets, sink drain, and other water fixtures in the home. If your sewer is backed-up, the issue could be foreign objects in the pipes. These objects are such as;

  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Items flushed down the toilet by children
  • Paper products
  • and more

The sewer line is the pipe system that collects your wastewater from the sewer line and takes it to the public sewer line. From this point, they then go on to the water treatment facilities. Whatever goes through the drains will end up in the sewer lines.

One other cause of problems for sewer lines except for blockages from foreign items that have gone through the drains is tree roots going through the pipes. When this happens, professional repair is required to minimize the damage.

Can Clogged Sewer Be A Result Of Toilet Paper?

Yes, there are some instances in which toilet paper can cause clogging in your sewer lines. These are such as;

1. Using toilet paper that the system cannot handle, for instance, thick toilet paper

2. Using too much toilet paper with each flush of the toilet

Toilet paper is not the only item that can get clogged, however. Items like wipes may also cause this even though they are deemed 'flushable.' Female hygiene products can also be problematic.

Can I Use Chemical Drain Cleaners For Clogged Drains/Sewer?

Do not pour these if you want to maintain the integrity of the pipes and plumbing system. Some of these chemicals can cause irreversible damage to the piping.

The best way to ensure the problem is dealt with safely is to call us for a certified plumber.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee our clients;

  1. 24-hour emergency plumbing service
  2. Highly-qualified and trained plumbers
  3. Affordable prices and exemplary customer service to ensure customer satisfaction
  4. Constant price quotes even if the job requires more than we originally anticipated.

Do not let a small plumbing emergency issue turn into a nightmare. Call Payless Plumbing services today at 704-910-8395 to schedule a drain cleaning service for your home.